Our CEO Bernardin Katic and Partner Adis Jugo are honored speakers at the NetWork 11 conference in Neum, Bosnia. Stay tuned for insights from their impactful session.

NetWork 11 Conference

We are thrilled to share the outstanding success of our team at the Network11 conference. Our CEO Bernardin Katic, alongside our partners Adis Jugo and Mustafa Toroman, delivered groundbreaking lectures that captivated the audience and showcased our innovative technologies. 🚀

But it wasn’t just about professional achievements; it was a fantastic opportunity for team building! Nearly the entire Insa team was present, fostering collaboration, camaraderie, and a shared passion for technology. 🤝

For more information:
Bernardin Katic’s session & Adis Jugo’s session

Here are the highlights of this great conference.